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sprior, I changed the MSB value to 3F in my EZIO8SA devices3.xml file and did a SYNCH EZSERVE. EZSrve pulled the 5 active link records.

If you have not modified an XML file, do a LIST FILES. Right click on devices3.xml and select “save target as”, storing the file in a simple directory structure somewhere. I stored mine in c:/temp. There have been problems with complex directory structures containing blanks and/or dots. That may be fixed by now but I know c:/temp or something similar works. Edit the devices3.xml file with WordPad or something similar and change the MSB=0F to MSB=3F. Use the UPLOAD FILE to bring the modified devices3.xml file into EZSrve. Once you see the Successful Upload message, Restart (not Reset) EZSrve. Sorry if you already knew all this. Go into Device Management and try the SYNCH EZSERVE again.
The 5 active links in my EZIO8SA showed up in the Link Records: section and watching the Insteon traffic flow that SDM3 was tracing, the data was pulled starting at 3FF8. Let me know how this works for you.