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Version 1.57 introduced a new field in the device record where the MSB of the database is kept. This value is determined upon device addition and is “0f” for the small database and “3f” for the large one. However, if you can not add the device successfully, the default value for the small size will be used.
We have revised the firmware on several devices so they conform with the i2 commands for electronic linking, in which case the application does not need to know the location of the database since “peek/poke” is not used. The EZSrve firmware already has this feature but some older devices may not totally comply, which would explain why they would not add successfully.
Please call our support line should you desire to update one of your devices or if there are any questions regarding this post.
Please also note that there is no direct way to interrogate a device relative to its links database size. The application software (such as the EZSrve) must determine this size by “peek” and “poke” of locations in the device.