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sprior, thanks for the update. It is very useful information. I was not sure what would happen if you did that sequence and was reluctant to ask you to do that because of where it leaves you if it did not work. Until we can find a solution, you will have to use the Set button on the EZSnsRF to create the controller links or use EZSrve Scene Management to create the links which will give you the EZSrve side only and follow up with the modified Utility with the New PLM checked to create the corresponding controller of link records in the EZSnsRF itself. Unless you did a reset on the EZSnsRF, the Virtual Input records should be correct.

Earlier in the evening I opened up a conversation with SHN Support about your situation. At that time I did not know what would happen if you deleted and added the EZSnsRF device after uploading 1.57/1.58. You have filled in that blank which should be very helpful. I’ll pass the information on to SHN support. Thanks.

EDIT: I just reread your last post. If you feel like taking a chance, you can change the MSB value from 0F to 3F. That is the Most Significant Byte value for addressing memory. That is the change I made to the SHN Utility. When the New PLM is checked, the MSB starts out at 3F rather than 0F. Actually hold on that thought. I will try it on my EZIO8SA first and let you know.