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It is possible that your EZSnsRF contains one of the new PLMs. Smarthome introduced a PLM with larger memory to accommodate more links. This pushes the link database start address higher than most other Insteon devices. Links established with the Set button are stored at the higher address by the PLM and retrieved by the PLM from the higher address when a Dakota Alert signal is received. That is why the links work even though outside legacy code cannot display them because that code only knows about the lower link database start address. At least that is the working assumption for your EZSnsRF. I have an EZIO8SA which came with one of the newer PLMs. Once I figured out why I could not display active link records in the new PLM, curiosity drove me to tweak the Utility. You really don’t need to see the link records to establish a working configuration but if you want to see them, and they really are at the higher address, I have a modified version of the SHN Utility that works at the higher link database address. It is a binary .exe file which cannot be attached to these forum entries. If you want to try my modified Utility send me a PM with an email address where I can send the new .exe and instructions on how/where to install it. The original SHN Utility is not lost and can be restored by renaming a file.

SHN is working on the Utility and should have a formal version that works with the higher database address but there is no target date.

As an update, it has been confirmed that this EZSnsRF is using the higher link database address associated with the larger memory size PLMs. The current 1.78 SHN Utility will not display active links in these new devices.