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Pressing the SYNCH EZSERVE button does pull the link information from other devices, but doesn’t seem to get anything at all from the EZSnsRF (which I know does currently have a link to a LampLinc).

I was able to enter the code of 1100 in a new macro for the EZSnsRF and it says it created the macro, but I still don’t understand how I’m supposed to know what code to put in there for each channel/group number the EZSnsRF has assigned to each RF channel (I’ve currently got both a driveway and a motion sensor). The other issue is that I’m really just trying to create a macro so that the link will be created and therefore I’ll get an XML notification on port 8002 when the Dakota senses motion – I don’t actually want the macro to turn any devices on/off. Is there a step by step to set this up?