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I agree, for the most part. In an ideal world there would be a JSON API over HTTP (obviously using one of the XSRF countermeasures like cookie doubling in header) so that you could do browser mashups with the thing, but even without that this would be MUCH more useful over HTTP, even if it’s “raw” XML over HTTP and not even one of the standards like XMLRPC or SOAP. (Those two are both complicated enough that I wouldn’t bother, but a simple request -> XML response would be fine.)

In fact what I’d REALLY like to see is an AtomPub API (Atom over HTTP via REST): http://www.atomenabled.org/ The idea would be that each configured device would be an in a . Even if it only existed for read-only data (i.e. an Atom feed instead of an AtomPub service), this would be super-useful.

The main problem with the current implementation is that it is exceedingly unfriendly to mobile applications (which is what I am interested in): you must manually keep a persistent socket open while considering transient/poor network connections and obnoxious carrier topologies that favor HTTP/HTTPS.