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First I have to say that what I wrote above is somewhat misleading as there is retry associated with a Direct message. That is what happens when you write something half asleep. There is no command redundancy as with a Group sequence. When you press a paddle or keypad button to turn on other devices, A Group Broadcast message is sent with the expectation that all devices in the Group will execute the command in the message. Following that a Group Cleanup Direct message is sent to each individual device in the Group with the same command. If each individual device already saw the Group Broadcast and executed the associated command, the command in the Group Cleanup Direct is ignored (command is not executed twice). If the Group Broadcast did not get to the device, the Group Cleanup Direct message command will be executed. This message sequence gives each device two opportunities to get a command and react to it. It also allows generally simultaneous reaction by all devices in a Group when the Group Broadcast message is reliable on the powerline network. When using a Direct message alone, there is only one message.

I’m not much of an advocate for piggy backing a device on the PLC directly. I have seen forum posts about using a BoosterLinc link that way to improve X10 signals. Moving a device closer to the PLC for testing purposes can help where powerline signals are being attenuated or are noisy. The problem sometimes is the PLC is powered from the same circuit supplying the PC. The PC itself can be a source of signal attenuation or noise. I used a good three wire extension cord to plug the PLC into a circuit away from the PC. It was this action that convinced me I needed a FilterLinc for the PC to plug into. Don’t know if it was signal attenuation or noise being generated by the PC but the FilterLinc made a nice improvement. I have seen forum posts where a configuration has been working for months and then something happens. What was a reliable installation suddenly becomes unreliable. When tracked down by unplugging different devices (just turning a device off does not always remove the problem) it is a device that has been fine suddenly becomes a noise maker. There was a case just a few weeks ago where reliability dropped when a new cell phone battery charger was plugged in a room or two away.

Moving the EZXIO2X4 closer or using an extension cord to move the PLC closer are both good diagnostic approaches.