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Sorry about some of the confusion. The earlier posts regarding different size memory PLMs and whether ISY can handle the different size memory PLMs do not apply to your situation. Your EZIO2X4 is of the vintage where no one was concerned about the size of the memory because they were all the same size for this discussion.

As to whether ISY can “read” the EZIO2X4, that is really two questions. If you are asking does the ISY have detail knowledge of the features of an EZIO2X4 such that it can Read/Write Timers, set the Configuration Register, etc. I don’t know the answer to that. That is a question about the functional capability of the ISY and the answer to that should come from the manufacturer of the ISY.

The second part of the question as to whether the ISY can “read” the EZIO2X4 is much more complex and gets back to the question of how well the powerline communication is functioning. When Insteon devices like SwitchLincs, KeypadLincs, ICON switches, EZIO2X4 Inputs and Outputs, etc are linked together and control each others On and Off state, an Insteon Group command protocol is used. Group sequences have redundant command sequences and command retry built into the protocol. That is one of the reasons Insteon is so much more reliable then X10 for example. There are other reasons as well, like each Insteon device is a repeater. The powerline can be pretty noisy, devices like TVs, PCs, some types of battery chargers, create noise on the powerline. Some devices have power supplies that attenuate the powerline signals. Smarthome makes devices called FilterLincs to deal with both of these situations. However, if things are not too bad, the redundancy and retry built into the Group protocol and the hardware will mask many of the problems.

The difficulty here is that Group command sequences are not used to configure most Insteon devices, including the EZIO2X4. The Insteon Direct command protocol is used for this purpose and it does not have the redundancy and retry associated with Group sequences. Direct commands are generally used less frequently (some HA enthusiasts will disagree with that statement) and do not require the reliability associated with Group communication. Usually does not matter because the Insteon poweline communication is reliable overall. If a Direct command fails once in awhile you just repeat it. For a configuration activity, you tend to do it a few times until you get the configuration the way you want it and then leave it alone. The problem comes when powerline communication is not reliable. Group sequences tend to mask that, Direct sequences do not. In your case the powerline communication is so suspect that a simple, 12 Direct command sequence to set Timer values cannot be completed. One would expect to do this operation error free most of the time. These errors will be there whether the SHN Utility is issuing the Direct commands or whether the ISY is issuing the Direct commands. The ISY may well have better error handling and retry built into the device compared to the SHN Utility. One is purchased, one is free.

Hope this explanation helps to some degree. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, if I can.