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When Smartlabs introduced the larger links database feature in the PLM, the database address had to change. Using the i2 protocol for linking there is no problem, as the application does not need to know where this location is. However, applications that assume a fixed location (0x0ff8 if you need to know) will not handle the larger database correctly (since it starts at 0x3ff8). Smartlabs assumption is that the application will determine where the device’s memory starts by querying it (with a series of peeks and pokes), or that the i2 protocol would be used.
Please call our support line should you desire to update one of your devices for full i2 compliance, or if there are any questions regarding this post.
Please also note that there is no direct way to interrogate a device, or indicating label relative to its links database size. The application software (such as the ISY or EZSrve) must determine this size by “peek” and “poke” of locations in the device. As the larger database is here to stay for future products based on the PLM, exisitng application software will need to change to conform.