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That is somewhat like comparing Apples to Oranges. The Utility is a piece of free software. The ISY is a dedicated HA hardware box and software for which you have to pay for. It has a good reputation for HA from everything I have read on the forums. If you are thinking about an ISY simply to configure your EZIO2X4 that is a waste of money. You would want to be sure it has the ability to configure an EZIO2X4 before going in that direction. There is a difference between knowing it has 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs, being able to establish links and so on, to knowing and configuring the specific features of the EZIO2X4. It may well have that capability, just be sure before that move. I am concerned that your powerline environment is such that you can’t get a dozen commands to run back to back without an error. To Write the Timer information, 6 commands out and 6 commands back is all it takes. The free Utility may lack the sophistication to handle those errors but they will remain even using an ISY.