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There is clearly a problem. It looks like the Poke to set Timer 2 (5th command on the To ID: side) was issued a second time but that may just be the result of an inbound message from the PLC that should not be there. The “from ID:D3.24.6D flags:62 cmd1:DA cmd2:7E” should not be there. There should only be “from” messages containing the ID of the EZIO2X4. Once that happens the “1 out 1 in” command sequence the Utility is written to expect is out of sync and processing stops waiting for something that is not going to happen. I see that from my PLC from time to time. Generally when I am displaying links which prevents the display links from completing because it disrupts the 1 out 1 in command sequence the Utility requires. I’ve thought about getting a new PLC but have not gotten around to it. Generally once you see an entry that occurs during an operation the Utility is performing things will not complete successfully.

From the trace it shows Timer 1 had a value of FF (255) and was being changed to 1, Timer 2 had a value of 1E (30) and was being changed to 7.

Do you always see a “from ID:” message that does not have the 08.9B.D7 address of the EZIO2X4 and if so is it always the 6th message coming back when you do a Write. The FF and 1E values look very much like part of a link record that has overlaid low memory. After your EZIO2X4 was functionally working a few posts back did you do another link with the Set button or through the Utility?

What is the firmware level of the EZIO2X4?

There is nothing I know to do to stop the message from the PLC that should not be there. When it happens to me while displaying links I just hit Display again until I get a good complete link display where the PLC has not dumped a bad message back to the Utility. If there is other powerline activity while you are working with the Utility, hold up on that while working with the Utility. If you can post back the firmware level of your EZIO2X4 I will research older forum activity to see if I can find something about link information overlaying storage. Just something I think I read somewhere. It might not have been on the SHN forum. I watch several forums so it might well be somewhere else.

You can try doing another Write if you find messages in the Insteon Traffic tab. That works for me while doing Link displays. Don’t know how well that works for Writes. Link Display works okay when repeated but since I’ve never had this happen while doing a Write I don’t if that works. Looking at the Insteon Traffic tab will show if it worked.

The bottom line so far is the Write did not complete because of the erroneous message from the PLC. The Timer values may have been overlaid with another link operation. Once you get the Timers set with a successful Write, those values should be okay unless you do another link to the EZIO2X4 (if my memory is correct about that being the cause). Once I get the firmware level I‘ll search all the forums I watch for something applicable.

Just saw your post update with the firmware level. I’ll do some searching and post back what I find.