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when I do this, the left box says:

To ID:08.9B.D7 flags:0F cmd1:28 cmd2:0
To ID:08.9B.D7 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:0
To ID:08.9B.D7 flags:0F cmd1:29 cmd2:1
To ID:08.9B.D7 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:1
To ID:08.9B.D7 flags:0F cmd1:29 cmd2:7
To ID:08.9B.D7 flags: cmd1:29 cmd2:7
To ID:08.9B.D7 flags:0F cmd1:4F cmd2:1

and the right box says:

from ID:08.9B.D7 flags:2F cmd1:28 cmd2:0
from ID:08.9B.D7 flags:2F cmd1:2B cmd2:FF
from ID:08.9B.D7 flags:2B cmd1:29 cmd2:1
from ID:08.9B.D7 flags:2F cmd1:2B cmd2:1E
from ID:08.9B.D7 flags:2F cmd1:29 cmd2:7
from ID:D3.24.6D flags:62 cmd1:DA cmd2:7E
from ID:08.9B.D7 flags:2F cmd1:4F cmd2:1
from ID:9B.BB.64 flags:20 cmd1:C9 cmd2:A4

I actually tried this about ten different times and the blue bar is moving and it seems to be doing something. sometimes when I click “read” it will read it to what I set it to, but then a minute later, I click “read” and it reads output number one at 255 again.

also: thanks for the help with the Insteon I.D.

edit 2:
the version says v14