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When/how do you want to turn the device off?

Define a Timer to turn on outside lights at 7:00 AM. Define a Macro that is triggered by the outside lights being turned on, a When: Between Sunrise and Sunset, that turns the outside lights off. If 7:00 AM is after Sunrise the outside lights will turn off immediately. You may see a flash of the outside lights if 7:00 AM after Sunrise.

An alternative is to use a LampLinc with nothing plugged into the LampLinc which the Timer turns on at 7:00 AM. The Macro is triggered by the LampLinc being turned on, uses a When: Between Sunset and Sunrise, turning on the outside lights. This turns on the outside lights only if 7:00 AM is before Sunrise. No flash of outside lights. Use another Timer to turn off outside lights at Sunrise.