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I have a PLC that does the same thing.

from ID:4A.42.D2 flags:61 cmd1:30 cmd2:5B — garbage message
from ID:08.9C.28 flags:2B cmd1:2B cmd2:9 — good message

The message labeled garbage is received by the SHN Utility which stops the display process. The good message follows but by that time the display process is out of sync with the inbound messages. Go ahead and try deleting link record 1. When the display Insteon traffic stops, Select Link Record 1 and click on Remove Selected Link Record. When the Remove is finished do another Display to confirm link record 1 is gone and then try using the EZX10RF. If this works, you will be missing one of your lights (device that was in link record 1). A new link record can be written once you know which light and therefore its Insteon device.

I have a modified SHN Utility which ignores those garage records. It is a .exe file that must be placed in the Simplyhomenet Utility install directory. If you want to try that send me a PM with an email address where I can send the file. I’ll include the specifics of what and where in the email containing the .exe if you want to try it. I’ve been using it for a few months with good success but, of course, it has only been tested in my own environment. My procedure renames the original .exe so you can always go back to the SHN version without reinstalling the Utility.