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wow, this is complicated.

The Unit codes are Correct. I actually have the EZX10RF running two things. D2 is the outside lights and the Hawkeye is programmed to D1 so that when it gets dark, it sends a D2 ON signal. so this isn’t the problem, although I’d prefer to try to change it to F2….. The D3 is my front porch lights that go on with a different motion sensor that is set to D3.

There is NO device in my entire network that is 8.1.11
should I go ahead and delete this link?

As far as the “display existing link records” goes, it has Never completed. The green bar never even gets half way when I use this. It will complete when I read the records, though.

Yes, 8.85.5f, 9.6f.3, and 3.85.9 are valid insteon addresses on my network.

The firmware seems to be v14.