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The Unit numbers in the Code Records 1 and 2 should be 1 and 2 respectively if the Hawkeye (or keyfob) is set to F1. Perhaps you changed them back to House code D but the Unit code should be 1 and 2, not 2 and 3. Also at least Link Record 1 has bad data. Group AE is theoretically valid but not for your configuration. The Group number must be 1 or 2 based on the Code Record data. Is device address 8.1.11 in the first link record valid? We can Delete link record 1 and Create a new link record 1 to fix the Group number but I’m worried about that being the only thing wrong in that link record.

The Display Link Records can be interfered with by traffic or noise on the powerline. Normally just clicking on Display again will restart the display process and it will complete the next time. Insure there is no Insteon traffic to or from the EZX10RF while displaying the link records. Are 8.1.11, 8.85.5f, 9.6f.3, 3.85.9 valid Insteon addresses of the devices being controlled by the EZX10RF?

With the Unit numbers being wrong and at least one of the link records being wrong, it may be necessary to Factory reset the EZX10RF and reestablish the X10 codes and link records from the beginning.

EDIT: What is the firmware level of the EZX10RF? It is displayed under the field where you enter the Insteon Address under the EZX10RF tab.