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Before you made the original change, did you do a “Read” first to prime the Code Records (Virtual Inputs) information. You may not be using the correct Group number after doing the “Write”. Read the Code Record that you changed and note the Group number. Then go to the Manage Device Links tab, enter the Insteon device address of the EZX10RF in the Device Insteon ID: field and Display Existing Link Records. Check the Group number in the link record against the Group number displayed when you did a Read of the Code Record. If they do not match go back and change the Code Record Group number to the Group number in the link record. Be sure to do a Read of the Code Record to prime all the fields before making the Group number change and doing another Write. If the Group number matches then we will need to look at the Insteon messages issued by the EZX10RF when the wireless X10 signal is received but that is more complex. I’ll go into that procedure only if necessary. Also post back the link record that was displayed and the Code Record information.

I just reread one of your posts. Does the F1 (ON) work and the F2 (OFF) does not or neither works now that they were both changed from D1/2 to F1/2