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May sound too simple; but when you changed D2 to F2. Did you also readdress the modules controlling the lights from D2 to F2?
Th fact that the lights did not function with F2 seems to indicate the EZX10RF changed the address but the modules may still be on the old D2 and did not see the D2 on of sequences.

If changing the address doesn’t work. You may want to look in the X10 forums for help with motion sensors. They can be touchy and do at time false. So your address change may do nothing though it may.
Also if you are using D2 or F2 as your motion address. There is a Dusk Dawn feature in most sensors that send an On at Dusk and an Off at Dawn on the motion address +1. So D3 or F3 would be dusk dawn for the addresses you are trying.
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