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The current EZSrve Timer/Macro function does not support the result you are looking for. Suggest adding that to the EZSrve Feature List Request Topic.

You can do your example with a Simplehomenet EZIO2X4. Connect the motion sensors to an Input on an EZIO2X4. How this is done depends on the motion sensor. Set the Input “Ignore On to Off” option which stops the Insteon Group OFF sequence from being sent from the EZIO2X4 when the Input (motion sensor) turns off. Set the Input Timer to 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes the EZIO2X4 will send an Insteon Group OFF sequence to whatever responders have been linked to the Input. Should the Input be turned ON again before the 5 minute time interval has elapsed, the time interval is reset to the full 5 minutes. The effect is to turn off responders 5 minutes after the last Input (motion sensor) ON state change. I can confirm this works from direct tests run before doing this post. I used a mechanical switch to turn on the Input (like a hardwired security PIR motion sensor would). I also linked an Insteon controller to one of the EZIO2X4 output relays which was connected to the Input. This technique could be used with the Smarthome PIR Motion Sensors.

The Simplehomenet Utility Suite is required to set the Input options. The SHN Utility runs on a PC and requires a PLC or EZSrve to communicate with the powerline/EZIO2X4. The EZSrve itself will have the ability to configure the EZIO2X4 options in a future image. The EZSrve Road Map shows the EZIO2X4 configuration support in a 1.6 image projected for the October time frame. Other HA software/hardware may have the ability to configure the EZIO2X4 options.