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The motion detectors are addressed as A1, A3, A5, A7, A9. I see group numbers 1 thru 5 in two places.

In the HSN Utility on the EZX10RF tab, I can read X10 code records using indexes 1 thru 5. For each code record it shows a unique X10 address and group number like so…

Index 1 – X10 A1 – Grp# 1
Index 2 – X10 A3 – Grp# 2
Index 3 – X10 A5 – Grp# 3
and so on…

In the ISY when each new link is established, the default “device” name is the Insteon address. For the motion detectors they are…
6 4D 86 1
6 4D 86 2

6 4D 86 5
where the group number is appended to the Insteon address of the EZX10RF.

When activating the individual motion detectors, I do receive the 5 different Insteon ON commands for the 5 detectors (and also the 5 different Insteon OFF commands generated by the EZX10RF after the timeout specified in the code records).

To sum it up, I have 5 motion detectors with unique address, sending x10 commands to the EZX10RF, which translates to and sends 5 unique Insteon address to an ISY99, which controls 5 different lights thru LampLinks or SwitchLinks. Everything works wonderful and as expected!

Except the EZX10RF will only display 2 of the link records!

So far, this has not kept me from doing anything I have wanted to do. I am only concerned by the thought that I may need to tweek a link record if things don’t go smoothly in the future. Things have actually gone to smoothly for this kind of techno stuff. I hate to think of redoing all those links if I have to factory reset the EZX10RF or, heaven forbid, it needs to be replaced because of this problem.

Am I worrying for nothing?

And, BTW, Thanks for all your help.