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First, let me say I know nothing about your automation controller. I think it best if you first review the documents on the Simplehomenet web site Download section.

EZIO8SA Quick Start guide describes how to establish controller and responder links using the Set button on the PLM to which the EZIO8SA is connected.
EZIOxx Advanced Details and Command Set covers the commands which can be used to communicate with the EZIO8SA and some detail on the data that goes into a responder link record to control the output relays.
EZIOxx Link Records describes the relationship of link records needed for the EZIO8SA to function using Group command sequences.

In general the EZIO8SA Inputs function like the buttons on a KeypadLinc regarding what link records are required for those Inputs to generate Group commands. Each Input (just as each KPL button) requires a “Controller of” link record which points to the responder device. Whatever you do to support a KPL button as a controller, do the same thing for the EZIO8SA Inputs. Unlike a KPL, the EZIO8SA can be set up to issue a Broadcast message when one of the Inputs changes states. A Broadcast message is sent in the blind, that is it is not sent to any specific Insteon device address and will not be retried if it does not reach the desired device. Setting up to use Group commands (like a KPL) is the best approach in my opinion. Also, unlike a KPL, the Group number used by each Input can be set using the SHN Utility. If you use the Set button on the PLM to create the link records, the Input Group number is automatically assigned by the link process.

The EZIO8SA Outputs can be viewed as KPL buttons when those buttons are linked as responders. Each EZIO8SA Output requires a “responder to” link record containing the address of the controller and data bytes which identify the specific Output or pattern of Outputs that should respond to a controller ON/OFF. For a basic configuration, think of each EZIO8SA Output as a KPL button. The same responder link record needed to have a KPL button LED respond ON and OFF is needed to control EZIO8SA Outputs ON and OFF. Like the EZIO8SA Inputs, there are more complex functions available with the EZIO8SA Outputs.

There are also Direct commands listed in the EZIOxx Advanced Details which provide for direct control of the EZIO8SA Outputs.

This really on scratches the surface. Post back if you have specific questions and I’ll try to answer them.