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@grif091 wrote:

You have connected the EZIO8SA to the PLM and PLM is plugged into the powerline. How is the automation box connected to the powerline and does it support the Insteon technology?

I have connect the EZIO8SA and can talk to it using the Simplehomenet utility (using a 2414S serial interface) The Cortexa (cortexatechnologies.com) uses a 2414S to interface to the power line and is currently our Insteon controller. It can turn ON/OFF and Dim lights by uploading the file generated by Houslinc Desktop (.sld). I have been told the EZIO will work with Cortexa but am not sure how to generate the correct links and commands so that Cortexa will respond to input changes and be able to control the relays.
I really appreciate your help