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From the bottom up, the Insteon Traffic tab is displaying the messages issued by the SHN Utility and the responses received to those messages. It is not a generalized Insteon message trace. The “ignored” entry is a message which the SHN Utility received that was not in direct response to a message issued by the SHN Utility.

As I indicated in your original EZSnsRF Topic, I added my EZSnsRF device to EZSrve and using EZSrve Scenes Management, created a Scene (link) between the EZSnsRF as a controller and the EZSrve as a responder. Also, as indicated in my previous post, I was able to trigger an EZSrve macro with a Dakota Alert Motion PIR signal once that Scene was created. There would be two macros to control your togglelink device. One macro would be triggered by the Insteon ON received from the EZSnsRF when it detects the Dakota Alert Motion PIR signal. This macro turns on your togglelinc. The second macro would be triggered by the Insteon OFF from the EZSnsRF when the Dakota Alert Motion PIR sends it’s off signal. The second macro would send a time delayed Insteon OFF to the togglelinc to turn it off. I did not use the SHN Utility to define any of that. My macros turned ON/OFF a LampLinc for my test but the approach would be the same for a togglelinc.

I have a spare EZIO2X4 which I will add to my EZSrve using the same approach used with the EZSnsRF to confirm that I can add an EZIO2X4 device to EZSrve and create a Scene (link) with the EZIO2X4 using EZSrve Scenes Management function. I’ll post back the results of that test in a few days (holiday delay).

You can read/write link records in the EZSrve link database with the SHN Utility when connecting using a PLC. I do that when I want to display the link records in my EZSrve link database. Have not found a need to create link records in the EZSrve that way as I have been able to create a Scene (link) using the EZSrve Scenes Management facility. That does not mean that you might not need or want to use the SHN Utility to create EZSrve link records. Just that I have not found that necessary so far. Also, the SHN Utility uses Smarthome’s SDM3 device interface to communicate with the PLC. The SDM3 interface has an Insteon message trace that can be viewed in the SDM3 window by double clicking on the blue T shaped Icon in the System Tray when SDM3 is executing.

You should be able to add your EZSnsRF device to EZSrve using the technique I described in your original EZSnsRF Topic and create a Controller link between the EZSnsRF and the EZSrve using EZSrve Scenes Management. Post back if you have trouble doing that following the steps I outlined in your original EZSnsRF Topic.