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Sorry it didn’t click in the other reply. But what I’m still not clear on now then is how to do what I want to do. IF I can’t create link in EZServe with SHn utility and from earlier post, (IF I underderstood correctly)because my exio2x4 nor EZSnRf are supported via the web interface. Do I need to buy another EZServe to get links into my original EZServe for the unsupported devices?

My eventual goal, is to have either of my dakotas trigger via the EZSnRF to turn on my porch light togglelink for two minutes, and close relay two on my EZIO2x4 (which starts my camera and buzzes a buzzer) for two minutes.

One final question regarding the SHN traffic tab. I assume, the sent side displays the traffic that the EZServe sent, and the received side is what the EZServe heard. When I see ” from ID:0C.B4.BA flags:2B cmd1:13 cmd2:0″ on the received side, it means the EZServe heard it, but ignored it, because it did not have a responder link for 0C.B4.BA? Is this correct?

Jeff ūüôā