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You can go to the Download section of the Simplehomenet web site and get the document that covers the commands (cmd1) you are seeing being issued by the SHN Utility. These are specific to the EZFlora device.

0x40 = zone on
0x41 = zone off
0x42 = program on
0x43 = program off

Cmd2 identifies which valve (values 0-7 covers valves 1-8) or program (values 0-3 covers programs 1-4).

Only a program with specific knowledge of the EZFlora device will issue these commands. Using a Keypadlinc button to control a zone or program, an Insteon Group command sequence to turn Group 1 ON/OFF (0x11/0x13) or Group 2 ON/OFF, etc. would be used. The number of Set button taps during the EZFlora responder link process established the relationship between the Group number used by the controller (KPL) and the zone/program to be associated with the Group number. Just like a KPL as a responder except the KPL has 8 buttons so the specific button to be the responder can be pressed once where the Set button on the EZFlora has to be pressed the number of times matching the responder zone/program.

The SHN Utility can be used to read and write link records in the EZFlora. However, the Utility cannot be used to read/write records in the PLC. The PLC has a unique “linked record” link database (compared to the linear link database in other Insteon devices) which is not supported by the SHN Utility. Don’t know of any free download that does read/write link records in a PLC directly but that is more because I’ve never had a need rather than knowing there is none.