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OK. I actually got the description wrong in the first post and after getting the PLC and EZFlora in the same room, i’m realizing the PLC link is being made before I can select the zone. The correct description is:

Holding down the PLC set button for 10secs (LED starts flashing on PLC)
Holding down the EZFlora set button for 4secs (LED turns off, PLC LED goes solid)
Quickpressing the EZFlora set button one or two times (LED turns on while button is pushed but remains dark upon release)
Holding down the EZFlora set button for 4secs (LED starts flashing)

The result in Girder is the device linked looks like a Group managing device (like the PLC.) I also tried the process using the Smarhome timing software with the same result and the name of the linked device was Icon Timing Device.

Is this the way it is supposed to work or am I doing something dumb? The instructions on linking specific zones to the Keypadlinc led me to believe I could just create unique insteon links for each of the zones on the PLC and control each zone just like I would control and individual ApplianceLinc. Is that not the case?

Is there a description of how the keypadlinc links to specific zones? That might help me understand what I can and can not do.