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I don’t have an EZFlora to confirm directly but I just linked a LampLinc as a responder to my PLC. Used the SHN Utility to confirm that the LampLinc created a “responder to” link entry for the PLC. That indicates the PLC advertised itself as a Controller, the LampLinc recognized that and created a responder link. The Utility cannot directly access the PLC link database as it is different from the linear link database in other Insteon devices. I used HouseLinc Desktop to rediscover the PLC and it shows the LampLinc as a responder to the PLC. Both my HouseLinc Desktop and PowerHome software take care of whatever is needed to be written into the PLC. Can’t say what capability Girder has in that area. Not uncommon to link a controller to the PLC as a responder so it can react to messages from that controller but the relationship in the other direction is handled by my HA software.