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WOW! Are those the NASA instructions for landing on the moon? 😛

I have NO idea what any of that means! I wasn’t aware that this forum [or your products] required an advanced engineering degree from MIT 😕 ‘SIMPLE’ homenet

Lets start over:

GOAL: to open/close motorized window shades.

Harmony IR remote [sends IR signal]
EZUIRT [receives IR signal + sends Insteon command]
EZIO40 [receives Insteon command and opens/closes relay]
Somfy Dry Contact RF Interface [This unit is wired into the relays. When the appropriate relay is closed this interface sends an RF to the window shade motor] http://www.somfy.com/nam/file.cfm/shdry.pdf?contentID=11935

NOTE: the above URL is a wiring diagram. Substitute the Smarthome 1624 unit for your EZIO40. Also the wire colors in the diagram are wrong! The wire combo’s that I list a few paragraphs down are correct.

Harmony IR remote
[for testing purposes I have created the following buttons]
UP1 = Relay #1 closed
UP2 = Relay #1 open
DOWN1 = Relay #2 closed
DOWN2 = Relay #2 open
STOP1 = Relay #3 closed
STOP2 = Relay #3 open

EZUIRT is linked to the EZIO40

Somfy Dry Contact RF Interface
Red/White wires into EZIO40 relay #1 [closed = somfy UP command]
Red/Black wires into EZIO40 relay #2 [closed = somfy DOWN command]
Red/Green wires into EZIO40 relay #3 [closed = somfy STOP command]

1) Without using the EZIO40, if I manually touch the wire pairs together the Somfy Dry Contact RF Interface sends the correct RF signal and the shades operate. So this unit is working OK.

2) The EZUIRT seems to be linked properly to the EZIO40 because I can hear the ‘click’ when an IR code is sent.

3) My theory was to send 2 IR codes:
– UP1 = Relay #1 closed [ON command, contact closed – shades should go UP]
– UP2 = Relay #1 open [OFF command, contact reset to open state – ready for the next time the UP command is needed.

What is most frustrating is that 20 years ago I could take an X-10 Universal Module [PUM01], connect 2 wires, send an X10 command and the contact would close. This module has a switch option for “Momentary” [X-10 ON command received, relay closes and then in ± 1.5 seconds releases/opens] or “Continuous” [X-10 ON command received, relay closes, and remains closed until an X-10 OFF command is received]

I’m desperately trying to phase out of X-10 and into Insteon!

Once the Somfy DCI sends it’s RF signal to the shades I just want the relay to reset. I need the UP, DOWN, and STOP buttons on the IR remote to perform those functions every time they are pressed.