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Followed most of that…

But have question regarding scene number

“enter the Unit number
of the Scene you created with EZSnsRF as the controller.”

I do that (in this case unit number 01) and hit save, but the field goes blank after I hit save, leading me to believe something I did is wrong, or not working. ūüė•

I tried looking at the links in the EZServe using the homenet suite utility, Using –>Manage device Links –>Display existing link records,
but the utility doesn’t seem to like my ezserve. (I get insteon message timeout) and this shows up in the sent tab. (06.4C.D8 is my ezserve)
To ID:06.4C.D8 flags:0F cmd1:28 cmd2:F
To ID:06.4C.D8 flags: cmd1:28 cmd2:F
To ID:06.4C.D8 flags: cmd1:28 cmd2:F
To ID:06.4C.D8 flags: cmd1:28 cmd2:F
Huhm message isn’t showing correctly in preview, but where APP is, should say APP RETRY in above lines

In the web interface under:
Device managment –> EZServe –> Link Records
I get this:
Controller of FP Toggle Link on Unit 01 – Data:00-00-00
Responder to EZSnsRF on Unit 01 – Data FF-1A-01

This shows under the EZServe Database List scenes.xml
Scenes Default_01EZServe01FP Toggle LinkFF-1F-00 Dakota1EZSnsRF01EZServeFF-1A-01

I get nothing showing in devices3.xml

And this under macros
Macros 0DriveWay0D.FC.82ONC111C2FFS+R00:0011111110C.B4.BAONC111C2FF00:00:00

Thanks for the info to date!

Jeff ūüôā