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Thanks Paul. I fake added an EZRain device to the EZServe just to play around and overall I like what I see. As I am apt, here’s my initial opinions.
I like being able to have 4 available programs — so I can have a separate hot day, regular day system. It would be nice to be able to rename the valves, i.e. backyard, flower bed, etc, since I’m forgetful. I assume, although I couldn’t find this explicitly stated, that a program advances from one zone to the next as the times run out. What would happen if I started a new program when one was already in progress? Are there 4 timers to allow each program independence from the rest? Why would I ever want to “inhibit command acceptance”? Is that some security measure? I’m excited to see what I can do here!

I actually picked up an orbit rain sensor a couple months ago on a clearance table at Lowes for stupid cheap. Hopefully, that one will suffice.

The more I think of it, a single input would be a nice addition to the EZRain. This could be configured for a rain-shutoff, then. This would also be useful to me in another aspect… I have a medium sized fountain that regularly needs to be refilled. I could then add a EZSnsLQD to see when the water level drops and use that to signal the refill valve to enable.