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@ddlux wrote:

Would it be possible for you guys to add a packet to the socket after a ‘AddDevice’ command is successfully added? (similar to the way you send out a response packet after a ‘GetRevision’ command is sent)

I use my EZServe as a slave/interface for my own INSTEON interface/server application (e.g.: I do everything through the XML socket).

Specifically, I need this response packet to send back the numeric ID of the device that was successfully added to the EZServe device database so that I can store that ID in my application’s device table. This allows me to then run ‘SetDevice’ commands any time the device data changes within my application. This will allow me to keep things in sync.

We were able to squeeze this in to the release coming later today / tomorrow. When you add, the return will be a -1 on fail, or the index number of where the device has been added.