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The documentation “Minor 1.55 release” is referring to the latest download image which says 1.54. I think they meant the latest download image to indicate 1.55. As you discovered, 1.54 has function that 1.54.2 did not have. This new function was in the Beta (1.54.3) and is now in the latest formal download. Probably just a finger check somewhere although the Download section does say it is 1.54. If you use the download link in the 1.55 post, you get the same 1.54 as when you pull 1.54 from the Download section.

Edit: if the 1.54.2 image is viewed as being 1.53.2, then 1.54 followed and 1.55 will be available soon. There is now a 1.56 forum entry listing new features for that future image.