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The Synchronize button under Device Management writes links to the selected device based on the information contained in the EZSrve XML database at the time. Links added to the Keypadlinc by the Utility after adding the Keypadlinc to EZSrve are not known to EZSrve and will be lost. This is written up in the Known Issues: section of the Release Notes for 1.54/1.55.

Don’t know why that results in the Memory Full message. The 0D.C5.DB address is that of the Keypadlinc? So I am following correctly, the first time you see the Memory Full message is when you Sync the Keypadlinc using EZSrve Device Management after you added the 17th link to the Keypadlinc with the Utility? Or you see that Memory Full message when attempting to add a new Scene using EZSrve, with the Keypadlinc as the controller, after doing the Sync and losing the Utility written link record.

Once I think I know the configuration and sequence I will do the same thing here. Not clear to me how you got to the 16 links in the Keypadlinc.

EDIT: I just received the same Memory Full message adding Scenes to a Keypadlinc. I’m not at the 16 link point, at least I don’t think so unless I got there with duplicate entries due to power line issues causing me to redo a Scene. I’m in the process of collecting all the data I can related to my configuration.

EDIT2: Message “Memory Full” issued after successfully writing 16 link records across 7 Scenes. The 7th Scene links were only partially written because some count reached 16. I was not counting the EZSrve link records which are added automatically to each Scene. I will analyze the Insteon message traffic but I don’t think this has anything to do with the Keypadlinc itself. I think you have discovered some limit within EZSrve.