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I did a Reset under Server Admin, relogged in and then uploaded the 1.54/1.55 image successfully. I’ve had no problem logging in and running the 1.54/1.55 image. Added devices, created an Area and assigned devices to the Area.

I am running with the default User Name and Password. Connecting to EZSrve with the SHN Utility indicates EZSrve is functional. Using the SHN Utility, select the EZSrve /EZBridge tab, then the Control tab. Does the lower Data Received window show the following ….

GetRevisionRevision 01.54

Also be sure there are NOT multiple Browser sessions attempting to connect to EZSrve. There was a comment in the Release Notes that only a single Browser session can be established with 1.54/1.55.

Do you get the login screen and cannot login or the login screen is not displayed. If the login screen is not displayed, what is seen when entering the EZSrve IP address into the browser.