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The -/+ following Sunrise/Sunset indicates a block of time before or after Sunrise/Sunset for which the Macro is active. For example, I just defined a Macro with an X10 ON as the If, At Sunset- hh 07 mm 19. I have a Sunset time of 20:19. So this macro will be active starting at 7 hrs 19 minutes before Sunset (13:00), and remain active to Sunset. I just tested this and the macro was not active before 13:00, and now, a few minutes into the block of time the macro is active, an X10 On is now turning on an Insteon device.

You are correct in that you will need a macro which defines an If X10 OFF with Anytime= to turn off your Insteon device at any time. There is no current feature that allows specifying a Sunset start and a Sunrise stop on the same macro. Another user has successfully defined two macros, one with Sunset+ and some number of hours, and a second macro with Sunrise- and some number of hours (with the blocks of time overlapping). Both macros have the same If and Then conditions, thus creating a macro environment (2 macros collectively) that will turn on your Insteon device between Sunset and Sunrise based on the If condition. I have created two macros with that exact situation and will test them tonight to be sure they are working on 1.54.2. Both macros have an If X10 ON, one macro has an At Sunset+ with hh 06, the other macro has At Sunrise- hh 08, with both macros turning on an Insteon device. I will post the results tomorrow.