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rslaufer, thanks for your last post. I created a macro with a time of 18:00 and window of 05:59 and it worked. I then changed the window value to 06:02 and it continues to work. I’ll check the macro operation immediately after midnight to be sure it works for those last few minutes.

I’m running a beta image that will be a follow on to 1.54.2. If you have an interest in testing the beta image, see “Setting a macro for night – understanding Sunset+ /etc” topic under EZSrve for Paul’s message about obtaining the beta image.

SHN will have to speak to the question of functional changes. If you have not seen it, SHN has opened EZSrve topic “1.55 Feature List” for posting requests for new features.

EDIT: further testing of the window spanning midnight gave the following results ….

23:58:45 – macro triggered
23:59:45 – macro triggered
00:00:45 – macro triggered
00:01:45 – macro triggered
00:02:45 – macro triggered
00:03:45 – macro did not trigger

The beta is handling a window value spanning midnight correctly.