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rslaufer, can you provide the exact detail of the macro that does not work when it spans midnight; the If:, When:, and Then: data. I did a test of a macro with Sunset + 6 hh and another macro with Sunrise – 8 hh; both macros spanned midnight and both macros triggered on both sides of midnight. I’ll set up a test that matches your macro specifications and see if it works on the latest beta image or you can contact Paul to get a copy of the beta image to test yourself.

I think whether you look at an event from its start time plus a block of time or from the stop time minus a block of time is just personal choice. A store that opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00 could establish a macro to monitor the front door by specifying the opening time of 10:00 plus 8 hours or the close time of 16:00 minus 8 hours. Same result, just a matter of whether one looks at the event from a start time or an end time perspective.