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I may not be understanding the requirement but you can use a Timer or Macro to turn a KeypadLinc button ON or OFF using a Group. I’m running image 1.56. First defined a Scene where KPL button 5 is a responder and then used a Timer and a Macro to turn KPL button 5 ON and OFF. If that is not the requirement can you expand the description of the requirement. Thanks

Thanks for the tip. Yes, I see that the scene will work for buttons controlling Insteon devices, but there is no X10 option under scenes. I would like for individual buttons to trigger an X10 event. Yes, I can program them with individual x10 addresses, but X10 transmission is dicey at best from the location of the keypad. Macros can translate Insteon to X10, but there is not a way to have a macro respond to individual keypad buttons (any button will trigger all macros associated with the keypad).

It would also be helpful if somebody knew the PLM hex or the EZServe XML commands to control individual keypad buttons.