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@pauln wrote:

Well, we made the same mistake we said we wouldn’t make again. 1.53 has some bugs in it, more than we would like. We are actively addressing / fixing them and will have a 1.54 out in just a few days or so. Currently, we are looking at the following scope:

There is a possibility of corruption of the scenes.xml file.
Finally will have the ability for a manual time setting to allow for DST.
With manual time set, there was a bug with sunrise / sunset.
Indication when XML upload is complete.
Indication when upgrade is complete.
Bug associated with timers db file and timer name.
Simplification of the macro screen (confusing to many users)
Clarification on scenes.xml modification and applying those changes
Difficulty with more than 10 devices in a scene

If we are missing something, please let us know. We want to make 1.54 SOLID, so we can then continue with the new feature add (thermostat first) in 1.55.

1.) SndGroup XML command missing

2.) Creating areas bug:
The bug is when starting from scratch with v1.53 and you create areas, create and area and add some devices then create another area and add devices to it when you save it duplicates the first area and your second area is gone. If you select the first item in the dropdown list then select the second duplicate and rename it to your second areas label and save then it will show your second area now with the devices you had originally added. After this if you add a third area it will do the same thing only with the second area.