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That helps. Thank you so much.

Let me ask your (& others’) opinion on whether I should be using the broadcast status change, or the linked option. I’m trying to communicate the status of the input to a HomeVision controller, hooked to the PowerLinc Modem (PLM) via a serial cable.

The HomeVision controller doesn’t care whether it gets a “status change” message or an “on” message, since it just needs to know something happened in order to perform whatever actions it will control. I chose to explicitly link to the PLM, since that seemed more flexible in case I later wanted to have some other module receive receive an actual “on” message. I did this because it’s my understanding that as soon as one module is linked, it’s not possible to send the general broadcast message.

I also assumed that my reliability would be higher by explicitly linking the PLM to the EZIO2X4. It seems that a general broadcast message could be missed and won’t be re-transmitted, while the directly linked message would require some acknowledgment.

So it seemed for me that a directly linked message would be more flexible (to add additional modules in the future) and more reliable. Do I understand that correctly, and do you think I made the right choice in linking the EZIO2X4 to my HomeVision controller via the PLM?

Thanks in advance.