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I was adding Insteon devices to EZSrve. Started with 4 Insteon devices and several X10 devices already added during earlier image. Added new Insteon devices 1 through 8, creating links for each during add, all successful. Adding 9th new Insteon device I received the EZSrve Login Screen toward the end of the process. Nothing in the Houselinc trace looked abnormal. When I logged in I was back at the rotating image waiting for the link process to finish for the 9th device. Never finished so I clicked on cancel. Added the 10th new Insteon device successfully. When I went to look at the Scenes to see what was added to Default_01 I found the only thing in Scenes was Default_01 (all my Scenes were gone) and the only device in Default_01 was the 10th Insteon device from above. Something that caused me to have to relogin also destroyed all the Scene data. Macro, Timer and Device XML files look okay.