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Hmm… doesn’t seem to be working for me. Here’s what I’m doing…

Start the utility suite.
It has my EZSrve’s IP addr and port, so I click “Connect” (says “Connected to EZBridge” at bottom right).
Switch to the EZIOxx tab.
Select EZIO model EZIO2X4.
Enter my EZIO2x4’s address, a shortly after it says “Connected v26” just below the address (also my Java monitoring program shows some messages between the EZSrve and EZIO2x4).
Click on “Read” in Configuration Register.
Messages scroll on my Java monitor.
“Broadcast Status Chg” becomes checked (presumably it was already set).
Just to make sure, I hit “Write” (which triggers a couple more messages on my Java monitor).
Then I hit the yellow “Save Changes” button, and hit OK on the pop-up.
Then I exit the utility suite.
I trigger the widget connected to the EZIO2x4’s input.
Test lamp goes on, then off, as expected.
Nothing shows on my Java monitor.