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The results you describe are expected assuming the magnetic contact is NC. Moving the wires on the sensor removes and restores the GND to the I1- connection which causes an Input state change. Can you expand on your question? Thanks.

Supplying +12V to I1+ and GND to I1- turns the Input ON, which is reported as a “1” in the status field. Removing the GND from I1- causes the Input to turn OFF, which is reported as a “0” in the status field. If you are looking for a “0” (Input OFF) when the door is closed, use a NO magnetic contact. As the door opens, the NO magnetic contact closes, causing the Input to turn ON and report a “1”. All four opto-isolated Inputs operate the same on the EZIO6I as well as the two opto-isolated Inputs on the EZIO2X4.