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Thanks. A quick and informative response!


After playing a few days with EZSrve a can clearly see that the biggest challenge you have is the UI.
It’s not just “techie”! I’m sorry to say it, but it was not designed and implemented by a professional programmer; at least not one with appropriate knowledge and experience.

In the beginning, I thought that there is something can be done to improve it, make it usable. Unfortunately, the more I looked, the more I realized that only complete re-design (and rewrite) can fix it. Of course, it’s sizeable task and can be a big challenge.

So why not to take advantages of the community by making it an Open Source project? I see a big advantage here. Do you?


Well, I do agree the UI leaves something to be desired, but of course I am not going to say it is all bad 🙂

We at SHN DEFINITELY agree that the new UI must be from scratch. If you look at the release notes for the existing web interface, there is going to be device support, a mobile page, and more basic enhancements. Version 2.00 will be a completely new UI, commercially developed by us. We are going to take the comments / mistakes and have a solid and robust UI.

That said, is there room for an open source project? yes. We released the SHN utility as open source, in the hopes of getting it where it needs to be. We have had a couple developers contribute, and that was it. So, if there is enough interest in an open source project, we will be happy to support it, and contribute as a member. I would be happy to create a forum link on our site and start a project on sourceforge. If there are 2-3 developers interested in putting in some time, I think we have enough to start. I would think a JAVA, AJAX, or non-OS specific platform would be a great start.

So, do we have 2-3 developers interested?