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So Simplehome… When is your answer coming out? I’d expect it to be in the form of an update to the EZSrve.

Our answer is multi part. The first is version 1.53, which is going to final testing tomorrow. We believe this release will provide us what we believe to be the best answer for link management. The biggest feature will be the ability to craft or alter an XML file, and then press one button. The EZSrve will then scroll through and configure the ENTIRE Insteon network to match the XML file.
The above is pretty “techie”, targeted towards installers and hobbyists.

See below for more parts.

Frankly, the device is a great device… but the interface is lacking. It’s simply not mature yet, and is not very intuitive. Too many pulldown menus, when there should be lists, and too much configuration stuff when you’re not trying to configure things.

Yeah, we agree. The UI is techie. We are currently working on an API version 2.0, and with it a user interface that will wow users – it is targeted to be much more user friendly, with faster response times.

It looks like the Netlinc will support the Insteon thermostats from the word ‘go’. When will this support be added to the EZSrve?

The support is there in regards to adding the device, and setting via the XML timers and macros. We need to add the support to the web interface. We felt we needed solid link management (version 1.53), the thermostat is the next item on our list, so development would start tomorrow.

There has already been mention of a mobile page for the EZSrve, but when will it be available? (also – be SURE it works over non 3G connections for non 3G phones when not on a wifi network. The current page loads too slow causing the 5 second reload to interrupt the loading of the page… often times rendering it unusable.)

We have some sketches, and we are targeting a VERY simple user interface. I agree – non 3G, low graphics, information, so it would work on a cell phone – black berry, etc…

Is there any chance of an actual application for iPhone/iPod/Windows Mobile devices? I would love something like that… particularly with the ability to assign it an IP to access the EZSrve when I’m on my home wifi, and a public IP to access it when I’m not at home. (just a hint… a good web interface will more than suffice)

We have had queries about this – this is in the pipeline, as well as some developers are investigating this. I can’t make any commitments on time line yet.

The biggest difference we see between the two devices is that they are different classes. Here are some differences where the EZSrve excels.

The Netlinc has 128K memory for web pages, we have 2MB.
The Netlinc has timers, we have timers and macros.
The Netlinc limits to 15 areas / rooms, we limit to 255.
The Netlinc processor is less capable than the EZSrve.

So, the biggest difference is hardware, and what it allows – which explains the price difference. The Netlinc seems like it would be a good device to connect to PC software such as Homeseer, Powerhome, Indigo, etc… It seems like there would be limitations as a standalone controller such as the EZSrve or the ISY.