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Based on the above post, it appears that X10 signals are not being sent correctly from EZSrve Macros (using 1.52 Firmware).

I don’t have any Insteon devices (except the EZSrve) so I can not complete all of these tests.

This is a CRITICAL situation for me and if I can not get macros to detect a X10 trigger (in this case M01) and then respond with another X10 event (A01) then the EZSrve is going back.

As another update, I have set a number of X10 devices to M01 house code and found that the signal is broadcast to all locations of the house so I am certain that the M01 ON signal is getting to the EZServ outlet. Now, if I could only determine what the EZServ is receiving and what it is trying to send. Any ideas????