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My problem is not with the linking of the units. What was happening is I was getting an error message when trying to add responders to the scene. I was getting the following message when trying to save the scene:

No Response From Device 0A.F4.B4 ! Please Ensure Device is Active.

On occasion, EZServe would also keep me from adding a responder before saving the scene. In every case the unit in question would respond to EZServe On, Off, and Dim commands without a problem.

I am now getting the scenes saved and devices added. However, I will sometimes get the above message anyway.

As I indicated above, I have three access points. Two are on separate phases the third is near some computers I have in order to get a bathroom unit to function properly.

I added three new in-wall Icon dimmers this weekend and the communication seems to be getting better as the scene error message is occasional as opposed to every time.

Do I need more access points or just more Insteon units around the house to help boost the signal?[/b]