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I have linked ICON and Smarthome Lamplincs and Keypadlincs to my EZSrve. What Smarthome devices have you not been able to use? When you added those devices to EZSrve, was the link established successfully?

Access Points serve two purposes. They provide the RF send/receive capability for wireless devices such as the Remotelinc and the Thermostat Adaptor. The more Access Points you have, the larger the RF coverage area. The second function of Access Points is to provide cross phase communication. Insteon messages on one power line phase are repeated on the other power line phase via the RF capability of the Access Point. For this to work there has to be an Access Point plugged into a receptacle on both power line phases. If the three Access Points are powered from the same power line phase, it is as though you had no Access Points as far as phase coupling is concerned.