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Thanks but I do owe you an apology. I had done what you were trying so many times successfully on my other EZIOxx devices I was sure you had some yet to be discovered network or definition problem. Just never considered that the Utility would not be able to work with the links of an EZIO8SA. Smarthome has made changes to the PLM in the past without SHN being aware. This may be another one of those cases.

Anyway, the 8SA I received today is v2.7. I went back and double checked what I documented to SHN support. The only link being displayed by the Utility is for an ICON device address. Yet the only Group Cleanup Direct message issued by the 8SA has the address of my Lamplinc. I would not believe it if I was not looking at the information myself.

I’m in the process of defining the 8SA to PowerHome so I can see what it thinks about the links in the 8SA. I’ll also see if PH can establish links. It has been awhile since I defined a new device type to PH. Had to do the same thing with the EZIO2X4s, the EZIO6I, EZSnsRF and so on but that was months ago. Amazing how quickly I forget how to do something. Must have wasted 30 minutes before I remembered I had to reinit PH after adding the new device type before I could use it in a device definition. PH lets you specify the number of Inputs a device has so I’m hoping I can establish links to multiple Inputs that way. Have always depended on the SHN Utility for this kind of stuff in the past. I’ll let you know what PH thinks about this situation.