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royce, first let me sincerely apologize for not taking what you were saying on face value. My experience with several other EZIOxx devices did not yield the results you are seeing and I assumed there must be some problem on your end. One should never ASSUME!

I received my first EZIO8SA today and I am not able to establish a working link to Input 1 with the SHN Utility after a factory reset. The Set button technique works but even with that, using the SHN Utility to attempt to write a link record for Input 1 to a second device was written to link record 1 according to the utility. Link record 1 should have been (and I think still is) active with the first device. The SHN Utility shows one active link which is to the second device. An Insteon trace shows one Group Cleanup Direct command to the first device address. Looks like something is out of sync between what the SHN Utility believes is the memory map of the PLM and the memory map the PLM is actually using. That is only a guess but something is wrong. I’m detailing all I saw today and opening a conversation with support.